Open Letter To The Residents of Meadowbank & Ryde

It is with much pride that we advise that our major urban revitalisation project, Shepherds Bay at Meadowbank, is now rapidly taking shape as we have received approvals for Stages 1 to 9 inclusive. Stage 1 is complete and we are now building Stages 2, 3, 4 and 5, with work due to commence on Stages 6 to 9 in the near future. The rejuvenation of a mostly derelict and run-down industrial zone is creating an exciting new cosmopolitan precinct on the shores of the Parramatta River, restoring vibrancy to this important riverfront area. We are very excited that all of our efforts over the last 15 years to achieve this vision are finally coming to fruition.

We are particularly pleased that we have maintained a firm commitment to ensuring that the project delivers major benefits for the Meadowbank community as well as the residents who will live there.

Therefore we are delighted to tell you that the benefits we are we are delivering, entirely at our own cost, for the people of Meadowbank and Ryde total over $100 million in value and include:

A 3,000 square metre public park

Foreshore pedestrian and bike paths and landscaping

Pedestrian and cycle paths linking the foreshore to local streets and amenities

A new public plaza

New cafes and services

A new jetty on the river for local boats, kayaks and canoes

New public art

We are also remedying a decades-old flooding problem for the area caused by the huge upstream flows which cannot be accommodated in the existing, old, Council stormwater pipes. This multi-million dollar upgrade of the stormwater system includes rebuilding parts of Constitution Road and Nancarrow Avenue. Other new extensions and connections to the existing road system and major upgrading of local roads are also occurring. There are new roundabouts and traffic signals to improve traffic flow and movements, particularly in the peak times.

In addition, we have put the electricity underground and upgraded the seawall, relieving Council of a significant financial burden.

We are making improvements to the local school as well as providing to Council significant monetary contributions, which Council will use for local community services and infrastructure. A further financial contribution is being given to Council for the development of a new Community Centre.

In all, there is over 18,000 square metres of public domain being created, accessible to everyone, providing new and improved access to the beautiful Parramatta River.

We are including key worker affordable housing within the development, so that people in essential services, such as teachers, nurses and police men and women, can live closer to where they work.

Our highly-experienced and dedicated team has taken great pride in working hard to deliver a very high quality project that creates a meaningful and tangible legacy for everyone, not just those who live in Shepherds Bay, and we consider ourselves fortunate that we have had the opportunity to do so.

The final Stage of the project, located adjacent to Church Street between Waterview Street and Well Street, is now being considered for approval by the Planning Assessment Commission. As requested by the Consent Authorities, we facilitated a major Design Excellence Competition for this key site, as it was intended that this be the “jewel in the crown” for this new precinct. The entries received were of an incredibly high standard but the independent judging panel finally unanimously decided that one design clearly stood out (see below).

The benefits and features of this proposal, created by two award-winning architects, Cox and Kennedy Associates, who have combined their talents to produce this exceptional design, include:

The central piazza of this stunningly-designed building will create a new community heart where friends can meet, stalls can be erected on market days, community performances can be held and many other events can be staged.

Thank you for your patience and support as we develop this important new neighbourhood. We sincerely hope that you are able to enjoy, with your friends and family, the new features we are providing for your local community as part of our Shepherds Bay development.

Yours sincerely,

Holdmark Property Group

For any enquiries, please contact Kristy-Ann Nassif on 02 9889 5540.