Property Person of the Year 2017

Sarkis Nassif the head of Holdmark Property Group is the Urban Taskforce Property Person of the Year for 2017.

Sarkis Nassif left the instability of his homeland in 1987 and arrived in Australia to pursue his studies and set up a new life. Sarkis came to Australia with literally no ability to speak English. Within two days of arriving in Australia, Sarkis began work as a form-worker for meagre $60 a day. He worked extremely hard to put a deposit on his first home within a year of working in Sydney. From those early struggling days working as a form-worker, Sarkis set about building his company Holdmark into a major property developer in Sydney where he is building thousands of new apartments.

Sarkis’s first development project was in Victoria Avenue Concord West not far from where he lived and close to local shops and a train station. He saw the ‘for sale’ sign early one morning and purchased the site that same afternoon. In his true style of rolling up his sleeves, Sarkis was the form worker, steel fixer and civil contractor on the job.

Holdmark, under Sarkis’s leadership, has now moved into much larger projects including the $2 billion urban development at Shepherds Bay with 3,000 apartments over 13 stages and 90% sold. At Majors Bay in Mortlake, a $500 million project that is half completed will have 500 apartments when finished.

Other notable projects include Burwood Plaza, which has recently been granted in-principle approval to proceed with five mixed-use towers containing commercial, residential, retail and hotel development up to 42 storeys high. This massive development will transform two adjoining blocks in the heart of Burwood into a new bustling mixed-use destination in Burwood.

Other projects in the pipeline include a mixed-use development in Macquarie Park with 1,400 apartments in 4 towers and 25,000 sqm of commercial space and over $100 million of community benefits contributed by Holdmark. Demonstrating his appetite for risk-taking, Sarkis has also proposed an 83-storey futuristic tower in the heart of Parramatta.

The dinner where the Property Person of the Year is awarded is a charity event where funds are raised for Warrah Homes and for St Vincent’s Hospital Cancer Research. Over $3 million has been raised for these two important charities through the Property Person of the Year program.