Holdmark Commits One Million Dollars to assist Drought Relief

Holdmark Property Group founder, Mr Sarkis Nassif, announced that his company is committing $1 million in donations to support drought relief. As announced on Hay Mate on Channel 9 last night, Holdmark will work with Rural Aid to administer $750,000 in funds following two donations to the value of $250,000 that have already been provided to Soil for Life and Future Directions International.

Soils for Life is an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the widest possible adoption of regenerative landscape management practices (also known as regenerative agriculture) across rural, remote and urban environments.

Future Directions International’s primary aim is to provide informed, balanced research, which ultimately will result in policy changes that will enhance the quality of strategic decision making at senior levels of the public and private sectors in Australia.

Rural Aid coordinates directly with local agencies to meet the needs of families and businesses that are impacted by the drought.

Mr Nassif, a farmer with a property located in the central tablelands of NSW, understands first-hand the impact of the drought said “As a person who takes pride in the farming industry, I understand how vital it is to maintain this industry for our survival as a nation. Our farmers need support and I want them to know that they are not alone. We will face the hardship together,” he said.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in rural areas whose lives have been impacted by drought conditions,” said Sarkis Nassif, Holdmark Managing Director.

“We know that the top priority right now is ensuring the wellbeing of those affected by the drought. We want the people of rural areas to know that we are committed to helping them during this difficult time.”

Mr Nassif added that in addition to the million-dollar commitment Holdmark will also be working with Rural Aid to provide additional community assistance across the next five years on the 10 Towns Project.

Since founding Holdmark and with its success, Mr Nassif through the John Paul Foundation, has been provided the opportunity to give back to a country that has supported him. The John Paul Foundation has distributed funds and supported many Australian charities with a focus on family and children’s charities, local communities, disaster relief and vital medical equipment.