The NSW Government’s commitment announced in yesterday’s State Budget to invest $318.6 million in the next two years to upskill our workforce helps to ensure that the property industry will continue to grow.

“We cannot build the communities that Sydney requires without the people who are trained and capable of making our dreams a reality,” Holdmark’s Founder and CEO Mr Sarkis Nassif said today.

“It is a far-sighted approach because it focuses on helping job seekers to retrain or upskill, and it supports school leavers who are looking for their first job. This should give them the grounding to expand their talents and stay within our industry. We need them.”

Today’s Budget also provided $80 million to support apprenticeships and cadetships in the community housing and construction sectors, both significant sectors that can provide reliably, long-term employment as the NSW economy grows.

Mr Nassif said that another initiative, to invest $57.4 million to address skills shortages through a Trades Skills Pathways Centre, underscored the importance of training and the property sector in helping the community to grow out of recession.

“I also welcome the longer-term approach being taken to establish the Trades Skills Pathways Centre to provide new ways for mature workers and women to enter our industry. These people have much to offer.”