What Does 2021 Hold for the Property Development Sector?

This article by Tom Forrest CEO of the Urban Taskforce is an interesting read.

The newspapers are full of bullish predictions for 2021 on the back of the development of a COVID vaccine and the expectation that President-Elect Joe Biden will be pumping up the economy with Federal Reserve cash.

There has been a lot of focus on economic policy over the past year and lots of promises have been made – particularly in the area of Planning reform in NSW.

The planning reform agenda has been informed by the NSW Productivity Commission Green Paper and its separate review into infrastructure contributions. Unfortunately, some in the planning space have resisted reform, a focus on efficiency and the acknowledgment of economic growth as the key objective of the planning system and the actors within it.

The key to success in 2021 will be holding the public servants and their political masters to the sensible commitments they made during the height of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

While the newspapers are bullish, some of this is, no-doubt, wishful thinking, and self-serving prophecies.  Read the full article here.