Holdmark donates primary school science facility to Meadowbank Public School

Holdmark donates primary school science facility to Meadowbank Public School!

As part of its ongoing commitment to working with and supporting local communities, Holdmark is donating over $150,000 to Meadowbank Public School for the development of a NSW first a multipurpose classroom fully enabled to support the new curriculum focus on science.

Reusing the existing canteen, the project will create a state of the art modern facility with:

Meadowbank is a thriving local public school and its reputation is reflected in growth in student numbers, this year no out of area students were enrolled as local enrolments meant the school is at capacity. The school is recognised for its innovation and leadership, as is demonstrated by this exciting project which makes excellent use of existing assets while creating a modern, flexible multi-purpose facility.

Holdmark is donating the design, demolition, construction, fixtures and fittings which will include new oven, cooktop, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, floor coverings, benches, splashbacks and cabinets.

Both the school and its wider community will benefit from the facility, with the much needed on site canteen operating out of new facilities and the uniform shop “a must for every school!” still able to provide its much needed services.

“I am delighted that Holdmark are able to make a tangible and worthwhile contribution to Meadowbank Primary” said Sarkiss Nassif, Holdmarks CEO.

“Our new Shepherds Bay development will undoubtedly further increase local enrolments and it is important to me that we do our bit in helping to create a dynamic and innovative school environment for the children of the future” he said.

The new focus on science is designed to foster a sense of wonder and curiosity about both the natural and made environments. There are three main strands for the new curriculum – Working Scientifically and Technologically, Science and Technology in Society, and The Natural and Made Environments.

The new facility will mean that Meadowbank Primary is ready to implement the new curriculum as soon as the new training materials are available.